About Us

My wife and I love new and old fishing lures! I used to use every last cent I had as a kid to buy them, look at them, and fish 'em! We collect mostly Barr Royers, but have a few other side collections such as Tom Mann Leroy Brown's, Rebel Crawfish, Ubangi's, or anything else that trips our trigger! 

Here are some pictures of a few of our all time favorites! 



We are always looking to add more to our collection, but also consider buying and trading just about anything vintage fishing related, including old and newer lures.


A lot of folks are probably familiar with, or have purchased from, our other website Toughlures.com, which has been adding hard to find vintage fishing lures to people's collections since 2009! If you collect rare old lures, be sure to check out Toughlures, because you never know what treasures are on there as well!


Thanks and enjoy your visit to the Lure Lagoon!


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